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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released: 2011

Viewed: 528

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The statue of the Virgin that crowns ‘The Panecillo’ looks and smiles to the north of the city, home to wealthier people, in the south, where most of its inhabitants are the most poor, they only see her back. “Behind Your Back” is the story of Jorge Chicaiza Cisneros (Jordi), a young man working at a bank in Quito and whose main concern in life is to forget and hide his humble origins in the poor neighbourhoods of the south city and his mestizo racial reality. His economic capacity, as a son of a migrant mother allows, him to change his name to Jordi Lamotta Cisneros, likewise change his home residence and activities. He likes wearing designer clothes, partying and spends all his moderate salary to car tuning. All this in order to impress the middle class of the northern part of the city and gain their acceptance, yet he knows he will never become part of the high social circles because as a mestizo. Jordi meets Greta by coincidence, a Colombian girl who has come to Ecuador to make a living, and later her corruptive best friend Yahaira. Greta has a secret affair with the nephew of the owner of the same bank where Jordi works, Luis Alberto Granada de la Roca, an ordinary marketing engineer which hides a series of dirty deals behind the work assigned by his uncle. Jordi, Greta, Yahaira, Luis Alberto, a strange lawyer, The Progressive Bank and the Virgin of The Panecillo, casually intertwine their lives in search of money, power and acceptance; in the process, they’ll discover hidden realities and other accepted with resignation by Ecuadorian society.

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