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Genre: Action, Thriller

Released: 1976

Viewed: 1,985

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Leslie Nielsen plays John Trevor, who for six years has been training and leading a team of highly trained special forces men, whose performances are enhanced by drugs. Over time Trevor realises that his men, who work independently, are being used as assassins rather than to protect government installations and individuals.

Trevor relates his worries to his second-in-command Frank Lassiter (Gary Lockwood), then decides to escape from his secret government base to the Philippines where two of his former comrades in arms reside. However, withdrawal from the mind-control drugs turn Trevor violent and dangerous, and now Lassiter must find him before he can do any real damage.

Filipino criminal boss Alok Lee (Vic Diaz) learns of Trevor’s arrival and has been paid to capture him and sell him to a foreign power so they can duplicate the drugs and training given to Trevor’s force.

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