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Genre: Action, Comedy, Musical

Released: 1944

Viewed: 549

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Margie Brooks (Dale Evans) is the owner of the Brooks International Rodeo but cannot get bookings because the show is time-worn and dated. Frank Madden’s (Tom Keene) rodeo is all the rage and he wants to combine the Brooks and Madden shows. To that end, he proposes marriage to Margie.

Roy Rogers is hired for the Brooks Rodeo with one performance date in Albuquerque scheduled. The outfit packs up and heads to its destination but is sabotaged by Madden’s henchman, Ken Ferguson (Roy Barcroft). At home, Margie learns of the disaster, and, disheartened, agrees to marry Madden.

Roy suspects Madden was involved in the sabotage of Margie’s show. He waylays Ferguson and forces the truth from him. At Margie’s wedding, he presents the man’s confession. Madden is sent to prison, and his show sold to a rodeo promoter. Margie then agrees to combine the shows and the rodeo is a hit at the State Fair.

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