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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 523

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A mysterious opportunistic man, Hayden David Raine (Franke Jimenez), meets a local wealthy socialite, Rebecca Gore (Martha Caldera) and the two enter a relationship based on dependency and deception. Rebecca marries Hayden despite her Aunt Amelia’s (Pamella Gil) wishes and he manipulates her in order to gain access to her fortune. During this time, Hayden and Rebecca’s best friend Raven LeBeau (Daniela Valdevenito) are having an affair and conspiring to move against Rebecca. When their affair is discovered by Rebecca, Hayden attempts to kill his wife and get her money. Now, with his wife out of the way, only thing standing in his way from obtaining the Gore family fortune is his wife’s aunt and her lawyer, Patrick Goldstein (Erick Szot). To stop Hayden, Amelia must confront the demons from his and her own past.

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