Underdog Movie

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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 752

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Norsk Film – Norway Filmer

Norwegian Movies Feature; 23-year-old “Dino” (Bianca Kronlöf) dreams of a different life. Like an abundance of Swedes her age, she has fled the mass unemployment of her home country in search of a more worthwhile existence in a nouveau-riche Oslo. But her new life is caught in deadlock – Dino finds herself stuck in a destructive loop of temporary jobs, financial trouble and hard partying. A broken arm incidentally leads to a position as a housekeeper in a Norwegian middle-class home. Dino is thrown into a reality very far from her own. During a few sultry summer weeks she ends up the center of an odd love triangle, an unpredictable struggle for affection as well as dominance. “Underdog” is a tender and raw story of privilege and longing, yet at the same time a humorous and unmerciful observation of the shifted power balance between Sweden and Norway – an actuality where Swedes have become the Norwegians’ servants.

Underdog Movie Director:

Ronnie Sandahl

Underdog Movie Stars:

Bianca Kronlöf, Henrik Rafaelsen, Mona Kristiansen

Underdog Movie Release Date March 13 2015

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