Twin Sisters Movie

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Genre: Drama

Released: 2002

Viewed: 453

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Twin sisters Lotte (Thekla Reuten) and Anna Bamberg (Nadja Uhl) are raised separately after their parents die. Lotte goes to live with wealthy relatives in the Netherlands, while Anna stays in Germany, enduring poverty on the farm of her cold and distant uncle (Ingo Naujoks). Pulled further apart by the outbreak of war, Lotte eventually falls in love with a young Jewish man who is captured by the Nazis and sent to his death. Meanwhile, Anna falls in love and marries a young German soldier who joins the Waffen SS and is killed in the last days of the war. Although the girls find each other just before the outbreak of war, Anna’s attempt to reunite with Lotte in its aftermath is thwarted by Lotte’s discovery that Anna’s husband had been part of the apparatus that murdered her fiancé.

Twin Sisters Movie Director:

Ben Sombogaart

Twin Sisters Movie Stars:

Ellen Vogel, Gudrun Okras, Thekla Reuten

Twin Sisters Movie Release Date

December 12 2002

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