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Genre: Drama

Released: 2012

Viewed: 343

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The Patience Stone centres around a Muslim woman (Golshifteh Farahani) whose paralysed husband (Hamid Djavadan) unconsciously assumes the role of a magical force, which shields her from the sorrows of life in her village. With her country caught up in war, the loyal wife faithfully sits by her husband, who has been forgotten by his brothers and fellow Jihadists. Over time, she gathers the courage to tell her husband all of the things she had remained silent about during their marriage. Throughout the course of these missives, she speaks frankly of the disappointments, sorrows and sacrifices that have made her life so difficult. Only weeks later, when she enters into a relationship with a young soldier (Massi Mrowat), does she begin to reveal the woman who she had kept locked up deep inside.

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