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Genre: Action, Thriller

Released: 2008

Viewed: 463

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Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is a retired CIA agent who left his job to be nearer to his daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), who lives in California with her mother (Famke Janssen) and wealthy stepfather (Xander Berkeley). Kim manages to convince her reluctant father to allow her to travel to Paris with her friend, Amanda (Katie Cassidy). When the girls arrive in Paris they share a taxi with a stranger and Amanda lets it slip that they are alone in Paris. Using this information an Albanian gang of human traffickers kidnap the girls. Kim is speaking to her father on the phone as the Albanians enter her friends house. She barely has time to give her father important information before she is snatched. Brian speaks to one of the kidnappers and promises to find him and kill him if he does not not let his daughter go. The kidnapper wishes him good luck and hangs up the phone, so Bryan travels to Paris to use his very particular set of skills to find Kim.

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