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Genre: Drama, Music

Released: 1979

Viewed: 301

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Phil Daniels plays Jimmy, a member of a well-dressed, drugged-up teenage gang called the Mods, who are constantly at odds with a motorcycle riding gang called the Rockers. The rivalry between the two gangs comes to a head during three tempestuous days in the seaside town of Brighton. Here Jimmy finally gets it on with his crush, Steph (Leslie Ash), and forges a strong friendship with a seriously cool Mod called Ace Face (Sting). When he gets home, he starts to fall to pieces, realising he wants more from life, and so heads back to Brighton. When he gets there, he finds that Ace Face is just a mere mortal who works as a hotel bellboy. Angry at seeing this, Jimmy steals his scooter and rides out of town.

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