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Genre: Comedy

Released: 1999

Viewed: 8,351

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Richie Twat (Rik Mayall) runs the Guest House Paradiso with his dimwitted friend, Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba (Adrian Edmondson). Balancing precariously on a cliff and overlooking a nuclear power plant, the hotels illegal immigrant chef has fled and all the guests have gone. Richie gleefully abuses the guests and rummages through their luggage, while Eddie serves them vile, rotten food, including radioactive fish! When a nice but impoverished family and Gina Carbonara (Helene Mahieau), an Italian starlet who is in hiding from her fiancé, make the mistake of staying at the hotel, events grow even more bizarre, especially when Gina’s estranged fiancé, Gino Bolognese (Vincent Cassel), arrives.

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