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Genre: Action

Released: 2012

Viewed: 385

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Jean-Claude Van Damme

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St. Jude Square is a neighbourhood living in fear and despair. The duelling gangs terrorise the streets and the citizens live without a shred of hope until a mysterious stranger, Hong (Cung Le), arrives. He begins to play one gang against the other, by calling on the teachings of his mentor, Tiano (Jean-Claude Van Damme). However, just as he begins to bring the community under control, Hong is confronted by Mister V (Peter Weller), the town’s corrupt police chief. At first Mister V is impressed by Hong’s skill but soon sees him as a threat to his regime. They are soon locked in a head-to-head battle, pitting the fear and corruption of Mister V’s regime against the new beginning Hong represents for the people of St. Jude Square.

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