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Genre: Action

Released: 1995

Viewed: 384

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John McClane (Bruce Willis) has fallen on hard times; he’s divorced, he’s got an alcohol problem and he’s been suspended from the NYPD. However, he is soon called back into action when a man called Simon (Jeremy Irons), who has a serious grudge against him, takes New York City hostage. He has planted bombs across the city and will set them off unless McClane is willing to play a little game of ‘Simon Says’. Firstly, he is forced to walk through Harlem while carrying a very offensive message. He is saved from certain death by Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson), a local shop owner, who believes his story that he’s an undercover cop. Working together, they must catch Simon before he murders thousands of innocent people, though, McClane eventually realises who Simon really is and what his real motives are.

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