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Genre: Romance

Released: 2014

Viewed: 252

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As Bob (Khalifa Siwa) tells his family that he is in a relationship with Monica (Raquel Heslop), his father tries to persuade him to leave her. His friends, mother, sister and brothers do not know what to do to help him out of this drama. Likewise, Monica faces the same challenge. As Monica informs her family about her engagement with Bob, her father doesn’t like this relationship because Bob comes from another culture. Will Monica listen to her family and break up her engagement with Bob? Will Bob’s father accept a daughter-in-law from another culture? “Cultural Wars” narrates a dramatic love story in the City of New York. It is a Deogratius Joseph Mhella’s first feature film. Deogratius learned pre- and post- film production in Rome, Italy and he is now entering the American market for the first time. Deogratius’s movies focus on African, European and African American issues.

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