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Genre: Comedy, Romance

Released: 2014

Viewed: 439

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A romantic comedy that brings love to a new level, make us to realize that sometimes we havent meet love yet even with a couple, and recognize things than worth. Pamela (Malen Kaminski) turns 29 and on her birthday her boyfriend ends their relationship (the only one she´s had in her life). Her mother (Adriana Salonia) always told her that she has to get married before she turns into an old hag (30 years old) or no man will ever want her. Pamela asks her friends for help Carla Esposito (Natalia Dal Molin) and Romina Rossi (Adriana Balbo) they make her have an extreme makeover and organize blind dates with all kinds of men creating hilarious situations until Pame, as her friends call her, finds not one man but two, whom she could finally end up with. She will need to make a choice between fulfilling her goal or waiting for true love to get married.

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