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Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Released: 2014

Viewed: 395

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In the distant future “Heretics” – genetically enhanced mutant warriors are used for off-world combat in Earth’s quest for planetary domination. Heretics are forbidden from setting foot on Earth. Those who violate this restriction are hunted down and terminated with extreme prejudice by “Clerics”. Clerics are psi-enhanced women warriors with the ability to see into potential future outcomes of events and manipulate reality so that the outcome that best fits their objective can be reached. The most powerful of all Clerics is Samara but years of fighting and killing have taken their toll on her both physically and emotionally. She has retreated into a world of drugs and alcohol to make what remains of her life bearable. When Samara’s former lover Gia is killed by Jah, a renegade Heretic, Samara seeks revenge. But Samara soon learns that Jah is like no Heretic she has ever faced before. He is possessed of the same reality shifting powers as she. Now, deep below the city in a place known as the Wasteland, the final battle begins!

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