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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released: 1948

Viewed: 1,242

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Mortimer Dumdone (George Wiltshire), the manager of a variety show, is distressed to learn from his secretary, Butterfly (Butterfly McQueen), that the show’s magician has disappeared and, therefore, a replacement must be found.

When Lola (Nellie Hill), Dumdone’s glamorous fiancée, enters the office, Dumdone presents her with a pearl necklace. As Lola leans forward to give Dumdone a kiss of gratitude, a strange man appears, and she mistakenly kisses him instead. A furious Dumdone prepares to punch the intruder, but refrains when the stranger introduces himself as Dusty (Dusty Fletcher), a magician, and requests an audition. After enclosing Lola and her necklace in one of two large cabinets placed on the stage, Dusty succeeds in making her disappear, but is unable to bring her or the pearl necklace back. Dumdone calls the police as he believes criminality is afoot.

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