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Genre: Action, Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 485

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The film “Trapped” is a story that everyone going through a struggle in life can relate to. The creators of Trapped – Damilare Sonoiki (writer), Dominique Draper (director), and Kevo (co writer) got together to develop a story based on true events that happened from their lives as well as the area they grew up in. Trapped takes place in Houston Tx, where a group of young men- Marcus (Kevo) , Sean (Damilare Sonoiki) , and Deon (Khalif Bakare) face the everyday trials and tribulations of growing up in lower class communities. Sean is the more educated of the three, and faces the struggle of leaving his comfort zone and hometown to college. Deon is the ‘street guy’ of the three, who can’t cope with any other lifestyle, and doesn’t want to change. Marcus is stuck in between the struggles of choosing the lifestyle of Sean or Deon, while battling with struggles of livelihood, work, and household. The three eventually choose their own course, and after a series of unfortunate shootouts, drop outs, and trouble with police, this movie opens the eye of the viewer to a deeper meaning of the term “Trapped”.

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