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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sport

Released: 2000

Viewed: 550

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Jimmy Grimble (Lewis McKenzie) is a young teenager living in Manchester, where nothing seems to go his way. He is constantly threatened by the school bully, Gordon ‘Gorgeous’ Burley (Bobby Power), and he is not sure what to make of Johnny (Ben Miller), a biker who is dating his mum, Donna (Gina McKee). Jimmy loves watching football and is a fervent supporter of Manchester City and attends home games with his mums ex-boyfriend, Harry (Ray Winstone). He also plays football and while the coach of his school’s team, Eric (Robert Carlyle), thinks he has potential, Gordon is a skilled player and is always picked ahead of him. However, when an old woman gives Jimmy a pair of boots that once belonged to a Man City legend, his luck begins to change.

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