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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 349

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In a post-apocalyptical world, a reporter (called Seb), wishes to make his life’s journey, a documentary of life as a refugee. Dressed up as a refugee, he shall follow other refugees through the landscapes before reaching the big city of Sarn. He has small mini-cameras attached to himself, and when he finds the perfect “victim” of his journey and documentary, then he shall attach a camera to that person so that all may see his point of view. / He finds a lonely boy (called Sonny) and decides to make him the star of his journey, without the boy knowing anything. Together, they walk through the landscape of destruction and warzones. They get picked up by a merchandiser that lets them work at his place for safety and guidance. Eventually, they get separated from each other and the reporter returns to the city, yet following the boy that is alone in a foreign world now, struggling to survive. And the reporter knows the fact that his documentary may be the best one ever.

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