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Genre: Drama

Released: 1925

Viewed: 454

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Patsy Brand works in the Pleasure Garden music hall as a dancer, she marries Levett, soldier of fortune, who is going to reach English colonies in the Tropics. Before leaving for her honeymoon she meets Jill, the girlfriend of her husband’s friend Hugh; thanks to Patsy’s help Jill starts working in the theatre. Levett and Hugh move to the colonies and Patsy goes on with her life in London; Jill easily forgets her boyfriend and lives a luxurious life. When she knows her husband is ill, Patsy goes to the Tropics, but she finds out Levett is an alcoholic and he lives with a native; the girl is very angry and leaves her husband. After the native’s death Levett seems to go mad and he tries to kill his wife.

The Pleasure Garden: Rare first film by Hitchcock, now reconstructed and released as one film

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