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Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Released: 2014

Viewed: 596

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Haunted by memory, two gorgeous vampires in love embark on a vengeful killing spree while being hunted by a jealous third. In The Lower Angels, a gritty, erotic, horror film set in the darker parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan, Gabriella, a time-weary vampire offers the wounded Haily the power to exact revenge; in doing so, Gabriella scorns her dangerous and psychotic lover, Koia. Trapped between the wrath of Koia’s relentless pursuit and the chaos of Haily’s growing, unbridled bloodlust, Gabriella must face her past to settle what she’s created– demons even greater than herself. Brutal, seductive, and intelligent, The Lower Angels is an unconventional vampire story destined for a place in the cult classic canon.

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