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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 415

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19-year-old Leonard Marshall and his mother, Catherine Fisher, struggle to survive in their rundown motel. Leonard aspires to help his family by starting a ghost hunting web-series. His dreams are cut drastically short when he is fired from his janitorial job. Out of fear and shame, Leonard does not reveal to his mother his unemployment status. Leonard successfully finds an opening for a driver for hire position. Enter Frank Hartsfield, a former truck driver and male breast cancer patient living at a cancer treatment clinic. Leonard learns that Frank needs a “gopher” to help him around the clinic and a driver to take him to his daughters wedding. At the clinic he meets former 50’s Hollywood actress, Emma Fields. Attempting to develop a friendship with her, Leonard is quickly met with bitter hostility from Emma. With the bills stacking up, Catherine begins to question the financial state of the family. Leonard relationship continues to grow with Frank as he becomes the father he never had. But all is tested and tried once Leonard finds out the truth about Frank’s life and the health of his mother.

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