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Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Released: 1998

Viewed: 711

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On board a space station in the near future, Leon (Joseph Daniels) falls into a time portal and lands in the boudoir of Marie Antoinette (Nikki Fritz). After being caught in a compromising position with the French queen, King Louis XVI (Buck O’Brian) sends Leon to the Bastille. Back in space, Daria (Gabriella Hall) tries to rescue Leon, but she ends up in Arabia, where she meets Aladdin (Everett Rodd). She does, however, reach France just as Leon is being freed from the Bastille. Via 1930s Chicago, Leon and Daria and Maria Antoinette’s maid, Mimi (Tiffany Gonzáles), go back to the future where they find that everything has changed for the worse.

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