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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 654

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Leni (Hana Selimovic) and Lazar (Mladen Sovilj) are former childhood sweethearts who share a long and touching history. In their early twenties, the two reunite at the funeral of Lazar’s father and instantly re-establish an intimate rapport. In the days that follow, Leni discovers that she’s expectant, though she’s unsure about the identity of the dad. On a whim, she and Lazar hit the road together, bicycling through the Serbian countryside. The old friends share a childlike love of anarchy and delight by gatecrashing strangers’ weddings and raising hell, though the specter of impending responsibility looms – first via the pregnancy and then via the presence of a young orphan boy who crosses paths with the travellers. Soon, the three form a little itinerant family, though the future appears murky. It remains unclear if Leni and Lazar each have the inner resources necessary to cross the threshold into adulthood and abandon the spirit of youthful bliss forever.

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