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Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Released: 2014

Viewed: 507

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When the Croatian War of Independence ended, Bosnian Croats whose villages had been destroyed in the fighting were forced to relocate. They were rehoused as refugees in the homes of Croatian Serbs who had left Croatia. Now, the Serbian owners are returning and the Croatian residents are facing an uncertain future. Somewhere in this powder keg atmosphere, an old man called Jozo, a Bosnian Croat, disappears without a trace. The police officer Filip, who also lives in a Serbian house, is entrusted with the case. Everyone believes that a returning Serb has murdered Jozo, but Filip launches an in-depth investigation, determined to be unbiased and fair, even though he has his own ghosts from the past to deal with. Through his relationship with his father, Filip tries to understand the real reasons for the old man’s disappearance. As the film moves towards its climax, Filip’s investigation becomes more and more personal.

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