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Genre: Comedy

Released: 2014

Viewed: 490

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Set in modern day Los Angeles, That Guy: Lost Undercover is the unfettered pseudo-realistic dive into a week in the life of Lt. Rick Sharky, an undercover cop working the streets of LA. Along for the ride is AJ, Sharky’s best friend who also happens to be an ex-con with an extensive rap sheet. As Sharky drifts in and out of undercover the two orchestrate drug deals and petty scams to get paid and solidify Lt. Sharkys cover. All the while Sharky and his boss, Captain Winston, are embroiled in a case aimed at bringing down one of LA’s most elusive underground crime figures. With secret alliances and side deals at every turn it isn’t hard to see that Lt. Rick Sharky has an agenda, and keeping That Guy from being exposed as an undercover cop is priority number one. As the investigation drags on Sharky continues to find ways to derail the investigation hoping that things will work themselves out. He has more than a few old perps and informants in his pocket to help make that happen, but …

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