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Genre: Comedy

Released: 1934

Viewed: 412

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Tartarin (Raimu), a resident of Tarascon, loves to show off about his adventures in Africa, as a lion hunter, even though he has never been there. The locals know that full well, though after a misunderstanding, and much gossip, everyone thinks that Tartarin plans to take the trip. Initially reluctant, he is eventually convinced to go by his friend Bravida (Fernand Charpin). Tartarin meets Le prince Grégori (Saint-Granier), an ex-convict, who offers to travel with him to Algeria, in the hope of stealing his money with the help of a girl, Baïa (Jenny Hélia). Tartarin leaves for the desert and as soon as the first lion is in sight, the ‘Prince’ escapes with his money. Tartarin shoots the lion and gets arrested by the local police. He is told to pay a fine for which he must sell his weapons since his money was stolen. He sends the lion skin to Tarascon and after having learned the truth about Baïa and the Prince, he decides to go back home. Expecting to have to move to another town, he arrives home and is surprised that the residents of Tarascon are anxious to meet the lion killer they are so proud of.

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