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Genre: Sci-Fi

Released: 1948

Viewed: 427

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Jor-El (Nelson Leigh), a scientist on the planet Krypton rockets his infant son to earth just before Krypton explodes. The boy is found on earth by Eben and Martha Kent (Edward Cassidy and Virginia Carroll) and they name him Clark. They discover that he has great powers and his father tells him that he must help those in need. After his foster parents die, Superman (Kirk Alyn) heads to Metropolis under the bespectacled guise of Kent and joins the staff of the Daily Planet in order to be close to the news. Before long, Superman has to battle The Spider Lady (Carol Forman), who considers herself Queen of the Underworld. A fragment of rock from the planet Krypton reaches earth and falls in her possession. It is the only substance that can render Superman helpless.

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