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Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Released: 1998

Viewed: 429

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When Helen Quilley (Gwyneth Paltrow) is fired from her job and rushes to catch a train home, two different scenarios take place. In one, she gets on the train and arrives home to find her boyfriend, Gerry (John Lynch), in bed with another woman, Lydia (Jeanne Tripplehorn). In the second, she misses the train and arrives after Lydia has left. In the first scenario, Helen separates from Gerry, finds a new man, James Hammerton (John Hannah), and gradually improves her life. In the second, she becomes suspicious of Gerry, but carries on with the relationship until she finds him at Lydia’s house. In both stories, however, Helen ends up in hospital after a serious accident. In the timeline in which she boards the train, she dies in the arms of James. In the timeline in which she misses the train, she recovers and tells Gerry their relationship is over. While leaving the hospital, she meets James for the first time while entering a lift.

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