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Genre: Comedy, Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 402

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Second Chance is about a man named William who lived a happy life with the woman of his dreams Allison. They were married & ready to have their first child until one night on the way home they are hit by a drunk driver. Allison is killed on impact and William survives. From that moment on William is never the same. He has a complete breakdown and winds up living on the streets of New York City. He feels he has nothing to live for so why try since everything he had was gone. He tries to commit suicide many times but is haunted by the thought that in doing so he may not see his wife in heaven. All is lost to him until he makes a startling discovery that will change his life. One night finds a baby that was abandoned in an alleyway by two teenagers who no longer want the child. William decides to take him in and try to take care of him. In doing so this motivates him to try and get a job and get his life back on track. In a way this his Second Chance at life…

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