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Genre: Comedy, Romance

Released: 1987

Viewed: 638

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C.D. ‘Charlie’ Bales (Steve Martin) is the fire chief of a small town and a popular character with the locals. He does, however, have a huge nose, and he is rather sensitive about it. Everything changes for Charlie when two new people arrive in town. Roxanne Kowalski (Daryl Hannah) is an astronomer and she is in search of a new comet. Chris McConnell (Rick Rossovich) is a handsome but dim fireman who has just joined Bales’s unit. Charlie quickly falls for Roxanne, though she has already fallen for Chris. By giving Chris love letters to be passed off as his own, Charlie finds a way of displaying his feelings towards Roxanne. Eventually, Roxanne discovers who the real author of the letters is and after an argument, realises that she loves Charlie.

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