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Genre: Action, Drama

Released: 1954

Viewed: 362

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Peter Wells (Richard Conte), a former world class racing driver, has been struggling to regain his winning ways since his discharge from the Royal Air Force. He’s being pressured by his wife, Patricia (Mari Aldon), to quit as she feels for his safety. Wells also feels pressure from Guido Rosetti (Alec Mango), a younger driver on his team. After a disagreement with his best friend and fellow driver, ‘Pic’ Dallapiccola (George Coulouris), just prior to an important race, his friend’s car is involved in a horrific accident. Against orders, Wells quits the race early to be able to make his peace with his friend, who lies dying in the hospital. His boss, Tony Bellario (Peter Illing), initially fires him for his actions, but relents and gives him one last chance to redeem himself in the upcoming Grand Prix.

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