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Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family

Released: 2015

Viewed: 4,411

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It is the end of the world and a flood is coming. Luckily, for a pair of clumsy Nestrians, Dave (voiced by Dermot Magennis) and his son, Finny (Callum Maloney), an Ark has been built to save all the animals. However, they soon discover that Nestrians are not welcome on the boat. Sneaking on board with the involuntary help of two Grymps, Hazel (Tara Flynn) and her daughter, Leah (Ava Connolly), they think they’re safe – until the kids fall off the Ark. Finny and Leah must team up to survive the flood and hungry predators, while attempting to reach the top of a mountain. Meanwhile, Dave and Hazel must put aside their differences, turn the Ark around and save their kids.

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