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Genre: Adventure, Drama

Released: 1962

Viewed: 1,053

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Captain William Bligh (Trevor Howard) is given the HMS Bounty, a small merchant vessel, as his first command. With Fletcher Christian (Marlon Brando) as his First Lieutenant, he is to sail to the Pacific Ocean to acquire breadfruit plants and transport them to Jamaica. When at sea, Bligh quickly proves himself to be a dangerous and unsuitable captain. The crew of the Bounty are happy when they reach the tropical island of Tahiti, but when back at sea, facing the realisation that they’re once again being led by Bligh, they, led by Christian, seize control of the vessel. The mutineers send Bligh on his way in a small rowboat, along with the men who are still loyal to their captain. Settling on Pitcairn Island, Fletcher and his followers realise they’ll never see England again and if they do they will almost certainly be executed for their treachery.

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