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Genre: Romance

Released: 2014

Viewed: 401

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Quincy Hampton grew up torn between two worlds. His father, who is white and a prominent leader of the small Alabama community, is running for re-election as mayor. He seeks Quincy’s support while urging him to “grow up” and finally graduate from college so that he can take over the “family business”. Meanwhile, Quincy’s mother, a black socialite named Mimi Hampton, absolutely abhors the idea that Roger is trying to make Quincy follow in his “White footsteps”. Upset that Quincy won’t reject his father’s offer, Mimi tries to force Quincy to choose sides in their embittered divorce. To escape the constant tug of war, Quincy finds solidarity and acceptance among his friends, and in doing so eventually runs into a woman who makes him question everything he has ever believed. Now, exposed, vulnerable, and finally able to accept the truth, Quincy finds the courage to go back home and confront his parents one last time.

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