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Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Released: 2014

Viewed: 370

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Last Flight of the Cosmonaut is a two-act film divided by a large time gap, that at it’s core is a story about friendship. The first part of the film introduces Misha and Boris, two childhood friends, who leave their rural homes in Russia’s breadbasket to attend Aero School. It is there that they both hope to train to be some of the first Cosmonauts. This opportunity comes for both Misha and Boris. For Misha, the opportunity comes with devastating consequences: his Soviet Soyuz burns and is destroyed upon reentry, killing Misha. The second act of the film focuses on Misha’s son, Yuri, and his friend Sasha as they desperately try any way they can to change the events of the past. The two of them will go to any means to accomplish this goal. Even by seeking the help of a scientific madman who believes they can use time travel to rescue and return the father Yuri never knew.

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