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Genre: Drama, Thriller

Released: 2011

Viewed: 435

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Johnny’s Gone is a multiple award-winning movie that follows the story of Sarah (LaDon Drummond) and two year-old Johnny (Johnny Sinclair).

Sarah is the only survivor of an accident she can’t remember and for which she shares some responsibility. Stricken with guilt and remorse, she hangs on to the only love in her life, her son Johnny. When the family lawyer confronts her about a dark secret that ties her to Johnny she is left with only one choice: to disappear. Sarah embarks in an odyssey through five states, from California to Louisiana, trying to build a new life for Johnny and herself. The itinerary she follows is the one she planned years ago with her daughter Laura who died during the tragic accident at the age of thirteen. Sarah’s journey seems to end with a new friend, a younger woman she meets on the road, Alex (Natasha Green). They soon become inseparable as they head east. When they stop in Breaux-Bridge, in the heart of Cajun County, they all feel they have found a safe haven to start a new life. But the dark secret hidden by the heartfelt relationship between Sarah and Johnny is without any possibility of redemption and soon reality comes back to haunt them.

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