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Genre: Adventure

Released: 2014

Viewed: 417

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Inside the Belly of a Dragon follows a remarkable voyage of discovery and recovery for the renowned Irish Clown, Hugh W Brown. Arriving in Cambodia broken hearted and disenchanted with life as a performer, the Clown embarks on a journey through this beautiful country and is slowly lifted from his gloom by the breathtaking landscapes and his various encounters with the local communities and the remarkable artists and individuals who live within them. His travels in search of a limestone mountain that locals describe as ‘The Dragon’, see this charming and unusual film culminate with footage of an incredible Concert held inside this mountain. A Concert that is a unique and heartwarming showcase of traditional and modern Cambodian and European Arts but also a reminder of the value and healing power that these Arts possess. Filmed entirely on location in the Kingdom of Cambodia by Ian A Wiggins and with a sumptuous soundtrack to compliment the wonder of the landscape and it’s people, this delightful film is a celebration of a country that is on it’s own journey of discovery and recovery.

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