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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 995

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Six months after his discharge from the US Marines, Spencer Appleberry (Daniel Beadle) is living in a basement apartment and working a dead-end job in Mesa, Arizona. With no family or friends, and symptoms of PTSD, he turns to alcohol. However, he soon meets Aquilah (Sheba Price), a beautiful Iraqi ‘Spiritual Therapist’. Aquilah invites Spencer to a nightclub in Phoenix, where he meets her older brother, Ameer (Palimo Lopez). After a drink fuelled evening with Ameer, Spencer suspects that he may have terrorist leanings. He attempts to report this to the FBI, only to be rebuffed. When Ameer invites Spencer to go shooting with him in the desert, he quickly realises that civilian life can be just as dangerous as war.

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