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Genre: Comedy, Musical

Released: 1938

Viewed: 517

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With the coming of the Maryland Steeplechase, the owner of Detridge & Frome Sporting Goods asks salesman Peter Mason (Dick Powell) to impersonate jockey Peter Randall, who is in Australia and can’t publicise the event. Although Peter can’t ride, he agrees and attends a pre-race party, where he meets the beautiful Ellen Parker (Anita Louise). Two gamblers, Maxie Miller (Harold Huber) and Droopy (Allen Jenkins), try to make money on the race by fixing him up with ‘Jeepers Creepers’, a wild horse that can jump high and run like the wind, but will only calm down when his trainer, Gabriel (Louis Armstrong), plays his trumpet. Realising that Ellen will be impressed, Peter agrees to ride the unpredictable nag.

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