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Genre: Drama

Released: 2014

Viewed: 276

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Nur is 13 years old. When his mother falls ill, Nur goes to the other end of country to a gold mine in the hope of earning money for her treatment. On the road, he meets Asso, who promises to teach him how to survive in this world. Asso’s lessons are more like a swindle, for which both of them have to pay. After a fight, Nur falls ill. Asso puts him into a passing car and runs away. Once he has rested at the house of complete strangers, Nur continues his way. He reaches the mine and tries to find work, but nobody wants to take him on as assistants, except for Saido, an old and lonely gold-digger. Nur manages to find a single slice of gold, and he loses hope of earning money here. Tired of his lonely life, Saido does not want to die in the mine and asks Nur to take him home. Here Saido finds out that he is not so lonely after all; he longer wants to die, and keeps part of the money for his funeral while giving the rest to Nur. Nur hastens back to his mother. On the road he meets Asso again, who robs him.

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