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Genre: Comedy

Released: 1959

Viewed: 571

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Directed by Norman Taurog (G.I. Blues & Blue Hawaii), Don’t Give Up the Ship is a comedy film with Jerry Lewis in the lead role.

John Paul Steckler (Lewis) was the Junior Officer aboard the USS Kornblatt – a Navy Destroyer – at the end of World War II. He was given the important job of sailing the vessel back the United States so it could be decommissioned. Mayhem soon ensues after his superiors later discover that he has somehow misplaced the ship. Steckler is given a choice: find the Kornblatt or pay for it!

His wife, Prudence Trabert Steckler (Diana Spencer), will have to accept that her new husband won’t be around for their honeymoon, as he is busy trying to find his old ship in the most comedic way possible.

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