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Genre: Thriller

Released: 2014

Viewed: 221

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Laura is studying Arts at a prestigious university, wants to be a writer and is working on her first book, “The Third Brother”. She usually mixed fiction and facts in his writings. In his book combines the legend created around Tentorio twins and a third brother with the actual murder of a couple and the disappearance of her baby, over 20 years ago. Laura meets Diana, a young cute just entered college; something mysterious and a little shy. They develop a relationship in no time since they share topics of interest and joints begin to decipher a prophecy found in the Journal of the twins. Paulo and Mauro are grandchildren of one of the brothers Tentorio. They are close friends with Laura, who accompany her on a trip to Lake Nem to find answers to this dark enigma of deaths at the hands of the third brother. The horrifying events that happen in the lake opens the door to a police investigation into the disappearance and death of some of Laura’s friends, finding unexpected results.

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