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Genre: Mystery

Released: 2014

Viewed: 233

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It would be terrifying to discover a coffin sticking out from under your home, especially a fully occupied one. Well this happens all the time in Mockbegger Newfoundland, a town that seems to have as many ghostly inhabitants as living ones. Dozens of mysterious coffins have been unearthed, housing very well preserved, but strangely dressed cadavers. McBurney Park in Kingston, Ontario looks like any other suburban park, but beneath its grassy surface lie the graves of thousands of Irish cholera victims who had come over in the death ships after the Irish famine. The gravestones are starting to emerge through the grass as are the myriad of ghosts who are haunting the park and its environs. The cries of a howling ghost still echo through the woodlands in Miramichi, New Brunswick – terrifying all those who hear it. Many believe it is the spirit of Ryan Garvon, a lumberjack during the 1920’s, who when food was scarce had the misfortune of becoming dinner rather than preparing it. Explore …

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