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Genre: Docs, Sport

Released: 2015

Viewed: 1,175

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In early 2000, in a tiny village in one of the poorest mining valleys in Wales, Jan Vokes, the barmaid at the local men’s club, hatched a plan to take on the ‘sport of kings’ and breed a racehorse. She gathered together a group of locals who each agreed to pitch in £10 a week. They raised their foal on a hillside and nurtured it to maturity, giving it the name Dream Alliance. To the astonishment of the racing elite, Dream becomes an unlikely champion, beating the finest thoroughbreds in the land. Then, in one fateful race, the horse had a near fatal accident. Nursed back to health through the love of his owners, Dream makes a remarkable recovery, returning to the track for a heart-pounding comeback.

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