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Genre: Comedy, Romance

Released: 2014

Viewed: 416

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Raja (Shakib Khan) is a brilliant man who wants to become a Realtor, much to the chagrin of his father (Probir Mitro), who doesn’t support his goal. Eventually Raja wins the heart of a rich girl, Priya (Apu Biswas), sister of a business tycoon and villainous Guru (Misha). He realizes his ambition in real estate. The Guru wants him to drop his sister; Raja in return demands money. The villain gives him a check from a dubious bank. However, Raja gets his money as he blackmails the heroine’s brother, threatening to expose some photos. The villain also plans an IT raid on Raja’s companies. However, that plan backfires. Then Guru tries to get his sister married to another, but the hero marries her. The story ends with Raja returning all the money taken from the Guru, who finally accepts the marriage.

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