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Genre: Action, Drama, History

Released: 2014

Viewed: 957

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This film could be almost a classic like Das Boot or Saving Private Ryan at showing the war atmosphere if it could keep the scenario related to war. Films is based on a true story, a Turkish resident of Crimea occupied by Russian forces were forced recruits of Red Army. Turkish origin soldier was taken captive by Nazis. They suffered in concentration camps. One day Nazis decided to use those Turkish soldiers against leftist resistance in Nazis occupied lands. Film shows stateless nations’ sufferings. If you watch too many films about ww2 from the eyes of Germans, Americans or Russians, you must need this perspective. A must see film for war film seekers and people keen on history . At second part , film turned into a love story, I can not understand why director turned this film into love story. This turning point and meaningless story re-directions almost ruined this film. But I am sure that this director will certainly shine in future.

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