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Genre: Action, Comedy, Horror

Released: 2011

Viewed: 664

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Chillerama consists of four stories that take place at a drive-in theatre that is playing monster movies. Each segment is a homage to a different genre and style. The first film is ‘Wadzilla’, a spoof of 1950s monster movies. The second segment is ‘I Was a Teenage Werebear’, which parodies Rebel Without a Cause, Grease and The Twilight Saga. The third is ‘The Diary of Anne Frankenstein’, which spoofs Adolf Hitler and The Diary of Anne Frank. The last segment is ‘Zom-B-Movie’, a spoof of zombie films. Tying each segment together is a worker for the theatre who, in a drunken state, digs up his deceased wife and attempts oral sex on it, only for her to turn into a zombie and bite his genitals, causing him to slowly turn into a zombie.

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