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Genre: Biography, Drama, War

Released: 1958

Viewed: 440

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Carve Her Name with Pride is based on the true story of Violette Szabo. Born Violette Bushell (Virginia McKenna) to a French mother and an English father, she meets Etienne Szabo (Alain Saury), a French officer, whom she later marries. They have a child but Etienne is fatally wounded in the Battle of El Alamein. Violette soon discovers that her bilingual skills make her a potentially valuable member of the UK’s Special Operations Executive – a wartime overseas espionage, sabotage and reconnaissance unit. She agrees to join and is sent into France in the spring of 1944, on a mission to salvage a resistance unit in Rouen area. Violette completes the mission successfully and returns home, intending to resume her life as a mother raising her daughter. However, she is offered a second mission in France, immediately after the Normandy landings, and accepts, with tragic consequences.

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