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Genre: Comedy

Released: 1968

Viewed: 342

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Carry On

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Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond (Sidney James) is Queen Victoria’s Governor in the British India province of Khalabar near the Khyber Pass. The province is defended by the feared 3rd Foot and Mouth Regiment (The Devils in Skirts), who are said to not wear anything under their kilts. When Private James Widdle (Charles Hawtrey) is found wearing underpants after an encounter with the warlord Bungdit Din (Bernard Bresslaw), chief of the warlike Burpa tribe, the Khasi of Khalabar (Kenneth Williams) plans to use this information to incite an anti-British rebellion. He aims to dispel the tough image of the Devils in Skirts by revealing that contrary to popular belief, they do indeed wear underpants under their kilts.

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